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The OldBor

In the middle of nowhere...

The OldBor


Absolutely eco-friendly place near St. Petersburg

Discover Russian wild forests and swamps

Individual tours to the remote place

Comfortable accommodation

in the glamping

Traditional food and

berry and mushroom picking

Visit to the russian "Banya"


Welcome to the world of wildlife, dear friend!

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What we offer for you

The incredible nature in all its glory...just for you expirience!

Our blog

The season is closed!

10 September 2019

The season is over. My brother and I rolled into the village and closed the season! The house was boarded up and the plants prepared for winter.

Hazelnut planted in the garden!

25 July 2019

This season we planted a real hazelnut. Two seedlings were planted on the north side of the house....


We organize individual tours to the Wildlife from St. Petersburg for 4 days!


We pick you up from the city and drive to our remote corner, the journey will take about 4-5 hours. Upon arrival, a delicious dinner and your cozy nest will be waiting for you.


We have prepared various programs - hiking in the woods, boat trips, picking berries and mushrooms, workshops on cooking on the stove, a real Russian bathhouse and much more ...


Have you heard about glamping? Now he has come to Russia!


We provide comfortable accommodation in areas or tents (of your choice). With a bed, clean linen, a stove for heating and other joys of civilization!


In our glamping you will feel as comfortable as in a city apartment, but the difference will be that only wildlife will be around you!


Our village has a very ancient history of more than 150 years! In ancient times, the forest people lived here - Vepsians! This place is shrouded in many secrets and legends, with which we will certainly introduce you.


The traditional Russian house has been owned by our family for 50 years. It was built by our grandfathers, our parents grew up here, we grew up, and now our children grow up.


The nature around St. Petersburg mainly consists of forests and swamps, as well as many lakes.


Civilization has not yet touched these protected places and you can plunge into the real world of flora and fauna. And most importantly ... in silence! After all, it is her that we lack so much in the urban environment.


With experienced guides and locals you can get to know better the wonders of Nature.

Our activity

Camping romance with hotel comfort

Glamping is a new type of eco-tourism. Imagine that you went on a hike in the wild, but everything you need is already waiting for you on the spot:



- Настоящая русская баня

- Вкусная еда из эко-продуктов

- Обливание водой

- Родниковая вода

- Оздоровительные процедуры

Inspirational views

- Живописные лесные тропы

- Захватывающие болота

- Поездки по округе

- Прогулки на лодке

- Рыбалка

Village life

- Знакомство с традициями

- Мастер-классы на ваш вкус

- Сбор ягод и грибов

- Посадка растений в саду

- Заготовка древесины

Comfort life

- Купольные геосоты

- Сафари-шатры

- Деревенский дом

- Зона для большого костра

- Гамаки и качели

- Домик на дереве

Nature Retreat

- Целительная сила природы

- Полноценный сон

- Цифровой детокс

- Ощущение тишины

- Потрясающие фотографии

- Горячий душ

- Колодец с питьевой водой

- Туалет

- Мобильная кухня

- Подзарядка устройств